Updated: Apr 27, 2021

I can't even tell you how much Wonder and I love Kale crisps. She'll easily nick them off of my plate before eating her own portion?!?!

One of the main mindsets I've had to shift is the idea that I can simply go down to the shops and buy ready-made keto food that I can just snack on! Snacking isn't really my 'friend', to tell you the truth, I have to 'plan' to eat and not to eat as well. Is that difficult? Sure it is; it takes a hot minute to get used to it BUT when you eat kale crisps, you think, why on earth would I be eating potato chips? You can feel the iron being absorbed in to your blood stream...

Now, I'm a self-employed, single parent so I don't got time for complex recipes. It's a bish bash bosh cooking style but it still has to be tasty - have to enjoy food.


put the washed kale in a dish

add a little salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil (or coconut oil?)

mix it up so the kale is coated well

oven cook at approx 130 C, tossing a couple of times until it's crispy - I don't time things, working on vibes!

Texture: crunch

Taste: Iron

What's not to love? Esk x

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