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Music is the vehicle that drives the interdisciplinary work of this artist.

It took a 2 decade genre hopping career before ESKA found her solo ‘voice’.
Voice is her principle instrument.  It’s housed in her body, so that has to come along for the ride without choice.  Difficult when issues surrounding it prohibited ESKA from revealing it without the safety blanket of hiding in collaboration.  And there have been many great collaborations over the years, incredible opportunities to road test her voice as a singer or composer or arranger.
Now that voice and body takes on a more courageous form - this performance artist is celebrating the extraordinary in the every day ordinary breakthroughs, being a mother, middle child sister, daughter, auntie and friend.  The Ordinary Life of a Magic Woman...
So why do I draw now?  I left art behind at the age of 13, taking up Spanish instead.  Whilst I’m glad I got to learn Spanish, it was a cruel choice to leave such a significant other language behind.  Drawing is a vulnerable space for me.  It is humbling and makes me feel incredibly vulnerable.  Those feelings are important to retain on the artist journey - so I keep drawing to remind myself to be child like in my approach to all things.  

ESKA_Colour_Landscape_PHOTO CREDIT_ Jaro
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